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6 Cool Ways to Dress Up Your Outfit With Printed T-Shirts For Men and Women- FunkyTradition

May 03, 2020

“But I am a Tshirt person?” Do you hear yourself say it often when your inner-self urges you to be stylish but you don’t want to move out of the comfort of your favourite t-shirts? Not to worry! There are many like you and you have to trust it when we say that you can look every bit stylish and sexy without giving up on those favourite tees of yours. 

Most women love those casual black dresses and men would have a go-to black t-shirt. Just like these favourites, other must-haves in your wardrobe are the printed tees. 

1- Let yourself free with the bottoms:

Women can tuck in those printed tees with your black pencil skirt and get ankle boots to go with.


 You can add a leather jacket and you are ready to rock your new look. 

If you are not a fan of pencil skirts then tuck in your tee into an A-line knee-length skirt. This is a more relaxed and casual look, perfectly suited for day outings.

Men can keep their t-shirts untucked with their denim. Pair it with a pair of cool sneakers and you are good to go. 

2- Cover it up!

Who doesn’t love a little bit of mystery? And this look does exactly that, adding a little bit of mystery to your personality. Layering up has always been the best part of fashion, especially in winters. With your graphic tee, you can experiment by trying different add-ons like add a leather jacket with your favourite denim. Give your boots some rest and choose those comfortable sneakers or closed-toe heels for the chic look. 

Women can furthermore dress up for a semi-formal setting, throw on a blazer with the jeans and low heeled footwear.

Haven’t got enough layers yet and want some casual look instead? Men, get your bomber jacket with acid-washed jeans and wear sneakers to complement the look.

3- Let your Tee Speak

Graphic tees are graphic for a particular reason and the simple reason is that they have something to speak and a message to convey. When a person buys a graphic tee, this tee also becomes an extension of the person’s personality. Let this personality speak out. Just pair with a slender pair of jeggings and there you go! Your tee itself is not less than a style statement. 

4- Oversized Tee always work

This has always been a go-to look for every woman. No doubt these oversized boyfriend t-shirts are the most comfortable of all clothes. But this comfort need not be given up. Just take your oversized tee and tie a knot at the waist to define it. Add to your look a pair of high-waisted flared pants and sneakers to complete your ensemble. 

Men can also rock the oversized t-shirt with an extra baggy pair of pants. This look is uber cool and casual.

5- Take a Knot

Women know that knots are very much in trend this season so why let your tee be free. A Knotted tee with a maxi or ankle-length skirt and flat sandals will be perfect for the day out. Pleated skirts would add another level of liveliness to the ensemble.

6- Give Denim A Chance

With leather Jackets being a favourite of both the genders, denim often takes a back seat. But pairing your graphic tee with a denim jacket will give you the uber-cool look. Add it to your old blue jeans, boots or sneakers and nobody is going to question your style again.

Now that you know the best looks to jazz up your style without giving up on your favourite printed tee, you can mix these tricks up to create your own looks. Don’t forget to share these awesome looks when you try them out next time.





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