Seth Godin once said, "Marketing is the act of inventing the product. The effort of designing it. The craft of producing it. The art of pricing it. The technique of selling it."  We totally agree with him. FunkyTradition comes up with a platform where amazing artist from all over the world comes and showcase their artwork and we provide them technique of selling it. They make a big fat wallet with the royalty earned. We also regularly feature our artists on social media and promote their new designs with organic and paid ads.


1- Get Inspired

The best designs often have smart concepts behind them. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our website to get an idea of the designs that do well or come up with your own idea. We welcome new ideas. 

2- Submit Your Artwork

Submit your design with an interesting title and a brief description of it. Please make sure the design is an original creation and has not been taken from or inspired by any existing art on the internet. We check before accepting.

3- Make Money

Once your artwork is accepted, We will upload our products using your artwork across the platform. We will be paying you 5$ for every 2 successful artwork as a thank you token plus 10% on every product sold lifetime. Dashboard details will be provided to track your sales.