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5 Cool Tips For Dressing Up In Winters for Men and Women- FunkyTradition

Jun 04, 2020

Winter fashion is something we all love and wait for all year long. It is this time of the season when we can wear our favourite dresses matched with chic jackets or sweaters. There are so many options to choose from starting with layered dresses to patterned clothes.


While getting dressed up, try to be more creative when experimenting with overcoats and stylish hoodies. People get confused and find it hard to select clothes for the winters. That is why we have got some cool and awesome tips for the ones who want to get that perfect winter look. 

1- Layered Clothes:

Layered clothes have always been a trendsetter in the winters. When it’s freezing out there and you can’t decide what to wear, the best thing is to layer your clothes. Wear a turtleneck under an oversized jacket or coat. Both men and women can even opt to rock a pair of ripped jeans and women can also wear sheer stockings underneath it. Complete the look by wearing a short-sleeved warm jacket over a full-sleeved T-shirt.

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There are always some cool accessories to make you look perfect. A designer scarf wrapped around the neck or a matching hat that goes with your coat will make your look a trendy one. Do not forget to carry a leather bag or a stylish sling bag. Men can go for a cool backpack.


 2- Wear a cool graphic hoodie:

Hoodies are an all-time favourite. They make you look smart and classy. You can wear an oversized hoodie which you can easily purchase online from the collection of bodybuilding workout clothes. Opt for a pair of hot pants over a pair of leggings and wear a cool T-shirt along with it. Men can wear their favourite jeans or even army printed baggy pants. Complete your cool look by wearing a hoodie that will make your outfit a perfect one.

Another cool tip is to wear a nice T-shirt over your favourite hoodie. Style up your look by wearing a pair of boots or sneakers and carry a tote bag that will go with your attire. Wear your favourite shade of sunglasses on a cool winter morning and a black or grey beanie to make a unique style statement.


3- Embrace Fur:

This one is exclusively for women! As you can only wear fur during these few months of winters. So, why not explore some cool looks you can get by wearing it? It will give your attire an instant spark making it an eye-catchy outfit.

You can wear almost anything maybe a winter dress, shirt and trousers along with a furry coat having fur collars that will complement your look. Wear knee-length boots and carry a designer bag that perfectly matches with your dress.


4- Invest in belts and hats:

Women and men can vamp up their look with basic accessories. For instance, a good leather belt will make your coats or long jackets look brand new. It will add some life to your boring overcoats. It absolutely works for any coat that you might prefer. The second tip is to buy a good winter hat. Many of you might think the best accessories might be a good pair of shoes and a designer bag but a hat can make your outfit look all the more interesting.


5- Designer shoes, boots and scarves:

You can wear a scarf in numerous ways, probably in a retro style or a street style. It does make your winter-look bright and classy. Boots are the main accessory to show off during the winters. Wear knee-length boots along with trousers or a designer chic boot with a winter dress to make your look more attractive when you step out. Men can go for classy boots or sneakers for a brought together look.


Ditch the gloominess of winters by adding some fun and colour to your outfits. Go for bright and lively colours. These 5 tips will surely help you to dress up perfectly for the winters.








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