“If you can’t stop thinking about it. BUY IT.”

   At FunkyTradition- Buy Now and Pay Later features we believe money should not be a reason to buy happiness. Hence, we have tied up with ePayLater and Simpl which offers interest free credit for 14 days and pay at your convenience. Make multiple purchases and pay for all of them in one go.

Frequently asked question,

1- What is FunkyTradition Buy Now and Pay Later?

It is a Buy Now and Pay Later payment option which lets you make multiple purchases, and pay for all of them in one go on a later date. You get a 14 day interest free period from the date of order to settle your bills with us.

2- What do I need to do to use FunkyTradition PayLater?

Select ePaylater or Simpl option at the time of checkout.

3- What documents are required?

Keep your PAN and Aadhaar handy for ePayLater and for Simpl Mobile number is enough.

4- When and how would I get to know whether my application has been accepted or not?

As soon as you select the ePaylater or Simple at the time of checkout and complete the sign up, you would be notified whether your application has been accepted or not. If it is accepted, you will also be notified about the spending limit assigned to your account.

5- Is there any processing fee charged?

No, there is no processing fee

6- How much spending limit I get?

Spending limit is different for every customer depending upon their profile. You can expect between 2000 to 20000 on ePayLater and Simpl each.

7- Is it possible to use both ePayLater and Simpl on FunkyTradition?

Yes you can use both option to buy products. e.g. If your ePayLater credit limit is over you can Simpl and vice versa.

8- How can I make the payment later for the products purchased?

You will receive an intimation of the amount to be paid and the payment due date by email and SMS on the registered email id and mobile number. You can make a payment by clicking on the payment link provided therein. You can also download their App for on the go Payment and Transaction report. ePayLater  | Simpl

9- Is there a late payment fee?

Yes, failure to make a payment within 14 days will entail levying of a penal interest

10- Why should I pay back on time?

Firstly, as you build your record of prompt repayments your spending limit with ePayLater and Simpl will keep increasing. Secondly, timely repayments also help you build a strong credit profile which will help you avail financial products from banks, lenders and other financial institutions at favorable terms.

11- What happens if someone doesn't pay back after 14 Days?

We understand that it is human to miss payment deadlines and overlook reminders. Hence, we give our customers the leeway of a few more days beyond the due date to make the payment. However, the customer will be charged a late payment fees for such period. Users are notified multiple times via email, SMS and phone calls before the due date and periodically thereafter. However, in the remote case of non-payment, the user’s ePayLater and Simpl account is deactivated. Just like an electricity bill or any utility bill, any amount payable to ePayLater and Simpl are legally enforceable.

Further, ePayLater and Simpl, acting through its partner financial institutions, holds the right to report all such cases to credit bureaus including CIBIL which may impact your credit rating and hence your ability to access financial products, including any kind of loans, in the future.

12- I want to know more about ePayLater and Simpl.

You can visit their official website for more information. ePayLater | Simpl 

13- Any other Payment method available?

Yes you can see other payment method available at FunkyTradition here…


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