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A simple way to make your shopping needs affordable without any need of Credit Card.

At FunkyTradition, we support multiple Indian payment gateway services which allow our users to Buy Now & Pay Later for products on our store. With this pay later option you can shop anytime and enjoy a 14/15 day interest-free credit period.

India as a cashless economy:

India is a land of contradictions and the best example of this would be the existence of two different worlds in the same nation: India and Bharat.

How Did Demonetization Give India A Nudge Towards Being A Cashless Economy?

Let’s just say that the following data speaks for itself.
Paytm witnessed 5 million daily usage post demonetization as against their average transaction of three million. It also registered a 700% increase in overall traffic, and 1000% growth in the amount of money added to its account in the first two days itself. Similarly, ‘Ola Money’ registered 1500% increase in its e-wallet.

Benefits of Cashless Economy:

Cost Reduction: Cashless system brings down the cost associated with printing, storing and transporting of cash.

Risk Reduction: The risk of money getting stolen or lost is minimal. Even if the card is stolen or lost it is easy to block a credit/debit card or a mobile wallet remotely. It is also a safer and easier spending option while traveling.

Convenient: The ease of conducting financial transactions is probably the biggest motivator to go digital. With the advent of digital modes, one can avoid queue for ATMs, transact 24*7 and save time. Additionally for service providers, with the emergence of e-KYC, it is no longer necessary to know your customer physically as the payments model has overcome limitations related to physical presence.

Tracking spends: Spending done via mobile or computer applications can be easily tracked with a simple click. This allows users to keep track of all their spending and manage their budget effectively.

Increase in tax base: Traders, small businesses, shopkeepers, and consumers regularly use cash as a means to avoid paying service tax, sales tax, etc.  However, in a cashless economy where all transactions will be done through an organized channel, through banks and financial institutions, they can be monitored by the government and proper actions could be taken against the evaders. This will result in more transparent transactions which in turn lead to a fall in corruption in the economy of the country.

Containment of parallel economy: In a cashless economy it is easier to track the black money and illicit transactions, unlike the cash-based economy in which money does not come into the banking system. In the case of digital transactions, it is easy to track and monitor suspicious transactions as all the records are available with the banks.

Financial Inclusion: At present, India’s low-income households access to credit through informal systems, through relatives or private lenders. Forcing them to shift to cashless payment platforms instantly formalizes this world of informality and include them in the formal economy.

Discounts: A lot of e-commerce websites offer huge incentives in terms of discounts, cash back, loyalty points to the customers for making digital transactions for shopping online.

At FunkyTradition, we support this move of Indian Government & hence we bring you the great feature of Buy Now & Pay Later with the leading financial institutions in the country.

Interest-Free Credit Period

Speedy & One-Click Payment

Shop From Our Large & up to Date Inventory

Added Security Saves from Hacking

How Does it Work?

To use our Buy Now, Pay Later feature you need to be registered with either one of the services as mentioned below

ePayLater, Founded in December 2015 and based in Mumbai, ePayLater is a digital payment solution offered by Arthashastra Fintech Pvt. Ltd. that enables a “Buy Now, Pay Later” solution for frequent online purchasers with an interest-free credit term of 14 days.

LazyPay is India’s best pay later option, accepted across 100+ merchants. Their innovative technology empowers billions of people and millions of merchants to buy and sell online, extending the reach of financial services in growth markets & India.

Simpl is a technology company that works with merchants and financial institutions to enable a world where every monetary interaction is effortless and transparent. Simpl provides 14 days interest-free credit to it’s registered users.

How to Shop

  1. Visit
  2. Add product of your choice to cart & proceed to cart.
  3. Visit your Shopping Cart & proceed to checkout.
  4. Visit Checkout & complete your payment using any of the above-mentioned services(Epaylater, Simpl, LazyPay)


When is it possible to use FunkyTradition's Buy Now & Pay Later feature?

Once you are registered with the Buy Now Pay Later Gateways we support, you can immediately start shopping on our store.

How to Pay for the order & use Buy Now Pay Later feature?

On Checkout, select any of the Gateways to complete your payment on our store and whoa! Your order will be placed, it’s a simple 4 step process.

What happens in case of return of the goods?

The order is automatically canceled and the money gets refunded to the respective Payment Gateway Provider.

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